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Re: How to choose dojo if there are choices?

Suren Baghdasaryan wrote:
Ron, I found the place in aikidofaq you were talking about.

It describes differences between Yoseikan/Yoshinkan/Aikikai/Iwama/Ki schools/Tomiki.
by the way those generalized discriptions are not that good in reference to individual schools. The Ki Society section for example besides being out of date is almost complete nonsense IMO in reference to U.S. schools. It's really talking about things going on at the HQ in Japan and doesn't really help understand what goes on at a dojo near you. That's why Jun's advice to visit schools is the best advice.

BTW, now I'm just wandering, what those other names mean?
Hombu/Seidokan/Shugenkai/Yoshokai/Shingu/Kumano Juku/Shusekai/Kokikai/Seishin/Jiyushinkai
I guess they are branches of more generic schools in Aikido. If so, could somebody sort them, please? Exuse me my curiosity
Hombu meand Headquarters. ? could be direct student of Kato Sensei, an 8th dan at Hombu Aikikai or some other direct link - means they are bypassing the US based Aikikai organizations.

Seidokan, founded by the late Rod Kobayashi Sensei, who was Chief Instructor for Ki Society on the West Coast, and a student of Tohei Sensei. Their HQ is in California.

Yoshokai, from the land of Yo I assume, a branch off of Yoshinkan

Kokikai - Maruyama Sensei who was a student of Tohei Sensei and a chief instructor at one time in Ki Society in 1970's.

Jiyushinkai - organization founded by Chuck Clark Sensei, who was a senior student of Tomiki Sensei - does not hold competitions like main
Tomiki style (Shodokan Aikido) does. Main dojo is in Arizona.

Shingu - no idea
Kumano Juku - ?
Shusekai ?
Seishin ?

Have you tried Google ?
looked at their websites ?

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