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daniel chong
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Re: O Sensei's Diet

I'm a naturopathic physician and although my aikido experience is far from extensive, I do have a fair bit of knowledge in the realm of nutrition. In fact, it is my main focus in my practice. I would not recommend the macrobiotic diet to be used for anything more than a during a short period of cleansing and detoxification. It does not have enough good fat, or high quality protein, both of which are crucial for overall health especially if you are active. I would also say forget about Atkins and all the other diets out there whose main focus is weightloss and not health. No one will ever be able to prove to me that an Atkins brand shake or bar is actually good for you, even if it is low in carbs! It is a good idea to decrease the amount of carbs in your diet, as far as grains and flours and sugars go, but veggies and fruit, as well as high quality animal food, like grass-fed beef and lamb, and free range poultry should make up a significant portion of it. I would also re-read Erik Haselhofer's post on this thread, from 6/16. Some very good points there. Finally, for the best and most extensive info on eating a health promoting diet, see, and
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