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Re: O Sensei's Diet

Jorge Garcia wrote:
O' Sensei was also friends with George Osawa, called "Mr. Brown Rice". I guess that name speaks for itself. He always told O' Sensei to eat brown rice and recommended to him what would now be called the macrobiotics diet.
brown rice is the best, along with brown flour, wholemeal pasta, simply put any of it that is unrefined.
i really dont understand why we even bother to undergo the extra process to make foods white??? i mean it basically kills the nutrition we would get from it. the dissapearance of the husk means there is no longer any fibre in it, which means we basically can't digest the carbohydrates....

anyway the best advice i ever found about diet was to understand the ratio in which we naturally should be eating our foods.
i remember in first year uni biology we looked at the skulls of dead animals and their dental structure to determine the kind of diet they would eat. basically the same applies to us!
we have 16 molars (& premolars), 8 incisors and 4 canines.
molars are for crushing grains, like rice (and to a lesser extent vegetable matter), incisors are for cutting vegetables and fruits, canines are for tearing meat.
this is the ratio we should be eating e.g. 4:2:1 , 4 parts grain to 2 parts fruit and veg, to 1 part meat. most people will adhere naturally to this ratio although many people eat far too much meat.

as for attempting to emulate o'senseis diet, well you dont live in japan so the natural local seasonal food is going to be different.

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