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tony cameron
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Ai symbol O Sensei's Diet

hi all,

i have been doing some research on various aspects of Aikido that i would like to incorporate into my life such as kotodama, misogi and proper diet. can anyone please suggest a book or website that has specific details regarding these? i find quite a bit of useful info regarding kotodama and misogi, but i can't seem to dig up any specific dietary outlines with regards to properly alkalizing the blood etc. specifically i would like to find out exactly what O Sensei ate, how often, and when. i know that fish vegetables and rice were prominent, but i would like to know very specific guidelines or routines that O Sensei practiced with his diet (eg. how much digestion time should elapse before training, what and when did he eat after training, in the morning, etc. etc, you get my drift thank you for any information.


tony cameron
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