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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Technically proficient/Tactically sound

There are pros and cons with atemi...

some people will use it as a cover for technique that is lacking in other ways...

Some people will use it to bully...

Some people feel that you already know how to hit since you were a child...they do aikido to learn other things...

Some people feel that in a serious non-cooperative situation technique without it will fail...

Or is unrealistic anyway...

But when all is said and done, I personally think it should be integral to the many stages of a technique. Yoshinkan basic technique tends to use one focused atemi at specific openings...I've seen others (Ellis Amdur amoung them) show multiple spots in one technique where atemi can be used. I kind of like both approaches. Even the styles that don't focus on atemi the way we do have a lot to show me about other ways of closing shite's openings (different ma ai, alternative methods and places for kuzushi, different methods and places for awase, etc).

In the end, it can all teach you something...learn it all. Then apply what you see fit, when you see fit.


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