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Re: ...Omiya Book

Chris Guzik wrote:
What I recall from the e-budo thread... perhaps Chris Li can elaborate on:

Apparently Tsuruyama claimed at one point to have received a menkyo kaiden from Hisa Sensei, which Hisa Sensei subsequently denied. Tsuruyama did have a legit 8th dan from Hisa Sensei. It seems that Tsuruyama retracted the menkyo kaiden claim and then after Hisa Sensei's death, started claiming it again. He also claimed to have had some association with Kodo Horikawa Sensei, which Horikawa Sensei denied.

I guess the debate over these claims was part of the reason for the controversy... From Chris Li's post, it appears that there are further questions of Omiya's relationship with Tsuruyama.

Also, for whatever it is worth, "Shiro Omiya" is a apparently a pseudonym.

There does seem to be general consensus that the content of the book is solid from a "basics" point of view, especially for aikidoka who wish to gain a glimpse of the surface level of Daito Ryu.

When e-budo comes back, for more details (probably more than you want), the thread was:

Meanwhile, there is some information to be found here:


Ohgami does have negative things to say about Tsuruyama. I don't know the exact nature of Tsuruyama's relationship with Takuma Hisa, but I do know that:

1) Nobody disputes that he held at least an eighth dan.
2) There is a lot of evidence of their relationship that has not been made public (and probably won't be), including many hours of discussion on audio tape between Tsuruyama and Takuma Hisa - Tsuruyama was apparently quite thorough about documenting that kind of thing.
3) I have a copy of Tsuruyama's book in which he supposedly made the claim to have a menkyo kaiden, but there's no claim (to that or any other rank) that I can find in the book (there may have been other printings).
4) Ohgami's claim that Tsuruyama did not have a menkyo kaiden is based upon a postcard from Takuma Hisa - of course, the menkyo kaiden could have been awarded at some point after that post card, if Tsuruyama and Takuma Hisa mended their relationship.
5) I never met Tsuruyama, but some of his students are quite good, so he must have been doing something right.



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