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Jordan Steele
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Re: Aikido is still violent......?

Maybe I worded myself incorrectly previously. In no way does my stance on the fact that Aikido is violent reflect my personality. I train vigorously, but not violently and I don't like to train with people who train violently and wrecklessly. I am merely trying to say (not convince) that Aikido is still violent. Also, it is my understanding that O'sensei presented Aikido to the public as peaceful and gentle art, but during uchideshi training, he literally beat the junk out of the students. There is a big difference between what O'sensei wanted Aikido to be and what it actually was/is. Also, I understand Aikido can appear to be peaceful and soft in the dojo, but there isn't one untrained person I know that would take a forward roll from a kokyunage or something. Most people would face plant themselves or land on their shoulder...something painful. That's violent regardless of nages mental state at the time. Once again this is only my observation and has nothing to do with how I train or my general disposition.
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