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Re: Aikido is still violent......?

Hanna Björk wrote:
If you are superior enough, I think this is quite possible. Is this not what osensei did in the famous kendo duel with the navy officer? If you can learn this without striking, if you can choose not to use violence if you have actually never learned to use it - that is another question entirely.
Perhaps some of you have seen the Tohei video put up on Aikido Journal a couple weeks ago. I was recently at the home of the fellow who filmed that and we watched another film he'd made of Saotome Mitsugi doing a 3-4 person RANDORI in the 70's. It was very martial with many strikes from Saotome. One of the UKE's, now a teacher in St. Pete, told me that he was knocked out in that demo.

Daryl, the film-maker, remarked that Saotome had evolved and recalled a 3 person he demonstrated after a DAN test in Orlando a year or two ago. In that RANDORI, Saotome had "walked through the angry crowd". He was cool and composed and seemingly just strolled casually through all the attackers with little effort and no ATEMI. The assembled were stunned at the honesty and effortlessness of it. Something to aspire to.

Don J. Modesto
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