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Re: Aikido is still violent......?

Peter Philippson wrote:
If I am practicing with a Dan grade, say, and they do not go with the throw or the nikkyo say, something will break. If they do not move out of the way of an atemi, it will make solid contact.
And if the dan grade is an older person (over 70)? A young person whose joints are still forming (under 25)? A pregnant woman? Having an off day? Recovering from an injury or an illness? Temporarily distacted by something happening elsewhere on the mat? Tripping over their hakama by accident? .....

I believe that Aikido can be practised safely with anybody yet still remain "street effective" - after all, we're learning the principles of body movement for defence, not just a set of techniques - and in "the street" the adrenaline kick will provide me with the necessary additional force should I require it.

OTOH I don't see anything wrong with a good old honest serious attack and defence, if both parties are willing and able to do so. If nothing else it gives you a good workout But I don't subscribe to the attitude that this is the only valid form of training...

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