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Re: Aikido is still violent......?

Ruth McWilliam wrote:
If you think it's ok to damage me during Aikido training because you think you're doing a "violent" martial art, why the hell would I stick around to train with you?

Just curious.

I won't damage you if:
You can take the ukemi OR
I hold back AND
We are on a mat rather than a hard street.

If I am practicing with a Dan grade, say, and they do not go with the throw or the nikkyo say, something will break. If they do not move out of the way of an atemi, it will make solid contact. If I am practicing with a beginner, I hold back in a way that would make the defense ineffective against a Dan grade or a street attacker.

Part of the learning is both how to protect yourself from the aikido, and how to judge what is possible for a uke.

Best wishes,

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