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Joe Hansson
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Re: Aikido is still violent......?

Artin Sahakian wrote:
...........if so, can anybody give me a quote or a page from (for example) a Koichi Tohei book in which a punch or a kick is recommended. I would appreciate this SINCERELY.
I can't remember the explicit punch or kick recommendation, but I've seen Tohei sensei use atemi as a part of his techniques in demonstration videos. However, in his book "AIKIDO - The Co-ordination of Mind and Body for Self-Defense" (1966), Tohei sensei writes the following on page 79-80.

"In daily practice, you must learn first to move your body correctly. After you comprehend these movements, in a showdown in real life, if you have a stick, you must make use of it; if you have a sword, you should be able to use it. Anything that comes to hand can be used as a weapon, using its strong points. This is AIKIDO."


" a real rough-and-tumble battle, though your opponents attack you in any way they choose, you can not complain about but must meet any attack. No holds are barred. You can understand then why there are several thousand kinds of arts in AIKIDO."


"In budo, we guide the enemy where we please."
- Morihei Ueshiba
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