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Zoli Elo
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Re: Aikido is still violent......?

Ruth McWilliam wrote:
If you think it's ok to damage me during Aikido training because you think you're doing a "violent" martial art, why the hell would I stick around to train with you?

Just curious.

I am not Jordan but my thoughts on the matter I believe coincide with his.

Depending on your actions in the dojo or in any facets of life, others will react in a fairly certain manner. If you attempted to inflict damage on me, it would without a doubt be acceptable for me to return at least an equal level of force. Likewise, kindness would be rewarded with kindness.

As most people prefer to not sustain injuries above a personally defined point, they find other individuals to interact with that have a similar personally defined point. That is the reason why some dojo are "harder" or "softer" then others and why one prefers to train with particular individuals within one's dojo - they are a better match.

Zoli Elo

Here is another quote (How to perform applied irimi nage):

"When the opponent attacks cutting downward from the front, put your right foot a step forward to his left front from an oblique stance, and strike his rib with your right fist. It is necessary, of course, to dodge his attacking line and enter to his left side. Then step out your left foot to his rear, moving your left arm over his arms. Then cut his body downward to his rear with your left handblade hooked at his chin or face. Simultaneously grasp his back collar with your right hand. Movements are same for other side only opposite." Kisshomaru Uyeshiba

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