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William Westdyke
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Re: Aikido is still violent......?

Ok, I'm with the aikido is violent opinion. I also believe that it develops a persons spiritual side. But, first and foremost it is a martial art. The "softness" was developed so students could try the killing, bone-breaking, and body jarring moves on one another, again and again. O' sensei spent his whole life pursuing martial arts and because of that developed his spiritual side. Don't mistake that for the opposite. He was a notoriously good fighter who used strikes or "atemi" all the time. In my little aikido world I have heard it time and again. "This is what we do in the dojo; this is what we do in a fight for our lives. You shouldn't be fighting in any other situation." The only restraint we should have to use is to protect our fellow aikidoka.

Just my two cents.

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