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Re: Aikido is still violent......?

Artin Sahakian wrote:
...........if so, can anybody give me a quote or a page from (for example) a Koichi Tohei book in which a punch or a kick is recommended. I would appreciate this SINCERELY.
Easy. Here are a few:

"Atemi should never be omitted when it is essential." Morihiro Saito

"When you thrust forward the edge portion of your Tegatana without bending your arm, the arm will naturally form an arc permitting you 'Ki' power to issue forth." Morihiro Saito

"In a real battle, we must use the power that we have developed in our bodies in the dojo and use it explosively in a instant: we must decide the outcome of the fight at that moment. In that situation atemi becomes very important." Gozo Shioda

Thoses are just a few; I am sure that many more and maybe superior quotes can be found.

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