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Re: Technically proficient/Tactically sound

Nick Pittson wrote:
I agree with Chad and Jordan, but have always wondered: how does atemi relate to what O-Sensei taught, especially about non-resistence. Just a thought, but still.
I started to write a long post but then remembered last time how, because of the particular way I say things, they got taken out of context and were completely twisted around. I really dont feel like angering anyone today.

In my opinion, atemi is a subset of irimi. Either the uke knows to react accordingly, or gets damaged in either case.
So the better question is, do you consider irimi resistance?
I wouldnt, as the wave can go around the rock (tenkan) just as easily as it can go over it (irimi). Damn, it seems no matter what I do, everything I say sounds like philosophical jibberish.

I also agree. As stated before, when the intent is shown you must react. Whether or not an attack comes is of no consequence. If he attacks, you get your choice of irimi or tenkan. If he doesnt, or feints, I would think irimi would be the best option; since if you are approaching your attacker, and he is doing nothing, you are close anyways, so you might as well irimi. If he attacks by himself, you get the choice of irimi or tenkan. If not, you choose what option doesnt leave you open to the next attacker (i.e. if you choose tenkan, it may take too long before the next attacker arrives, and if you choose irimi, you may find that your attackers are getting up too close to you, and start to surround you).

I would say that atemi is not necessary for one attacker, but could make your life easier. Destruction or destraction as posted earlier. With multiple attackers, I would think that it makes the impossible possible for us non-superman types. I do admit, that if you do a good mix of irimi and tenkan, you can balance your attackers so you only have to face one at a time. But just think, anytime that you need it, irimi can turn into atemi. Using atemi instead of irimi can help remedy some of the classical problems listed above.

ok thats sort of long, but not too long.
*cringes* Please dont hurt me.

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