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Re: Aikido is still violent......?

My dictionary defines violence as the quality of being violent. "Violent" is defined as involving or using great physical force. Of course we could spend all day debating the exact meaning of violence, but I think it is best to try to imagine if a non-martial artist saw an Aikidoka defending his or her self, whether they would consider the technique violent. Depending on the attack and exact technique used to defend against it, I think for the most part an average observer would consider Aikido to be violent. Aikido descends from violent roots. Aikijujutsu was originally developed to kill and it is hard to divorce Aikido completely from this heritage. I have to agree with Boon, if you are looking for enlightenment but are afraid to hurt people, then study meditation or yoga or anything but a martial art. Martial arts are, at the end of it all, developed used for fighting.

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