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Ai symbol Seizure by violence

If you are living at metro-cities, you would always have the possibility to be seizure by violence. I never came into such a situation, but It does not mean I will not…We discussed with friends, what would be our behavior when we come across somebody saying "give me your whole money" etc…sometimes I hear at the news, a guy was seizure by violence and was threatened with a drawn knife. The result of our discussion was "escape if you can", "give whatever you have without taking any risk" and "oppose and defense yourself"…what I want to ask, would you, for example start with an atemi, walk to side and prepare for a possible randori (probably, there would be 2-3 more guys waiting at the corner)…or would you just do what he wants…(certainly the situation would change if your family-girlfriend etc is with you at the moment-you would have to protect them too)…

Thanks for your comments and thoughts. With the wishes that nobody would be in such a situation and the hopes that the dream of O'Sensei comes true; a world without violence, only love and harmony…
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