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Jordan Steele
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Aikido is still violent......?

Ever since I started practicing Aikido, I became distinctly aware that many Aikidoka's believe Aikido is a "non-violent" art that doesn't require hitting people or damaging people. Well, that really is a great idea but hardly realistic and slightly naive. Lets set one thing straight, Aikido is less viloent that some martial arts, but it is still violent. Even ikkyo is are in physical contact with another person with the intent for them to be under your control or on the ground...just because it is a less violent solution doesn't mean it isn't violent...agree? Also, atemi was/is/and always will be part of Aikido. O'sensei did use atemi frequently. You can't be a great martial artist without atemi. I'm tired of hearing people think they can just dance with an opponent and never strike them or think it's possible to never strike an opponent. Just get over it. Aikido is not a fairy tale, it is simply another martial system that is just as deadly, if not more so than anything else out there. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.
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