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Re: Lack of spirituality

Dear friends,

With the discussion going on, I notice the tendency of some poster to separate / polarized the combat effectiveness of aikido with its spiritual aura. I strongly believe that aikido is distilled from traditional jujitsu and hence is a combat effective martial art first and foremost. It being spiritual or rather associated with spirituality is a by-product or beneficial side-effects of its practice. All practitioners have the chance of experiencing it sooner or later.

By training physical Aikido, our mind somehow acknowledges and recognizes the spirituality of Aikido. Why? The techniques and movements in aikido is based on natural laws and physics. ‘Go with the flow; no resistance, no mind' aren't all this the natural things of existence?

Let me put it to all, have you ever felt a sense of overwhelming sense of empowerment after executing a flawless technique. Your smile just comes naturally, doesn't it? You feel serene and happy. Even your uke also feels the power of your technique but he /she isn't hurt. There is no negative emotion created. This I believe is a feeling of spirituality.

My point is, aikido is a martial art in its essence. Treating it entirely as a spiritual growth is not doing it justice; the spiritual part is a by product of its training. So do not be so quick to dissect Aikido into the spiritual part or jutsu part. They come in a package. Some sort of like McDonald Combo meals.

Best regards,
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