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Re: If you could only have one Aikido book ?

For intermediates: Total Aikido (Gozo Shioda)

For weapons: Saito: traditional Aikido Vol2 (out of print)

Any books for advanced? I found a book called something like 'Sword of no sword - the life of master Tesshu ' by John Stevens to be a very good book on approach to martial arts. Though not specifically aikido it cahnged the way I look at martial arts. (Basically Tesshu was a buddhist who gained enlightenment through sword work).

I think sadly most technique based books on aikido are a waste of time for improving training beyond beginners level; this includes dynamic sphere.

Although not necssarily that useful for learning technique, Budo (Ueshiba) has great photos and I'd probably choose that as my single book for historical and inspirational reasons.


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