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Re: Lack of spirituality

Hi ya all, Jop Den, J, Bisker and D, Edwards I agree. Several times in his final years Morihei sadly reflected, "I've given my life to opening the path of Aikido but when I look back NO ONE is following me. "Once an American disciple said to Morihei," I really want to do your Aikido." Morihei replied," How unusual! Everyone else wants to do their own Aikido." So obviously the great man had noticed these things. I thought I would go to the masters written works to see his angle on it. Although we must remember that O'sensei had KENSHO and unless we have had Kensho can we really understand? By the way Mr P. Rehse, religion is not Kensho. Kensho is the experience at the heart of all religions, what happens is that great masters come and try to help every one find there true selves in the experience of Kensho, but when they die people form a committee and try to formalize the teachings and through time the true experience of Kensho is lost and all that is left is a religion, that is why O'sensei said ‘The Art of Peace is the religion that is not a religion; it perfects and completes all religions' Here's some other quotes,
The Secret of aikido is to make yourself become one with the universe and to go along with its natural movements. One who has attained this SECRET holds the universe in him/herself and can say, "I am the universe The secret of Aikido is to harmonize ourselves with the movement of the universe and bring ourselves into accord with the universe itself. He who has gained the Secret of Aikido has the universe in himself and can say, "I am the universe." WHAT IS THE SECRET? The answer= Kensho
Then, how can you straighten your warped mind, purify your heart, and be harmonized with the activities of all things in Nature? You should first make the kami's heart yours. It is a Great love, Omnipresent in all quarters and in all times of the universe.
These two are for Mr, J Stokes
‘True Budo is to be one with the universe; that is to be united with the Center of the universe'.
‘True Budo is a work of love. It is a work of giving life to all beings, and not killing or struggling with each other. Love is the guardian deity of everything. Nothing can exist without it. Aikido is the realization of love. Those who seek to study Aikido should open their minds, listen to the sincerity of the kami through Aikido, and practice it. You should understand the great ablution of Aiki, practice it and improve without hindrance. Willingly begin the cultivation of your spirit.'
We must practice Mokuso and after a time, dependant on the student ,a quality that cannot be put into words will grow out of the silence cultivated in our hearts, this quality will in the end be the only real thing that we will ever attain and lead us to Kensho and then on to Satori. ‘The Divine is not something high above us. It is in heaven, it is in earth, it is inside of us'. MASAKATSU AGATSU Malcolm Anderson
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