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Re: injury

My first injury (wrist over-enthusiastically sankyo'd) stayed with me and affected my training for the next 6 years - all because I had no idea how to treat it and was never taught at my first dojo how to protect myself with ukemi. If you got hurt there, it was ignored by everyone else, and considered to be your own fault. I finally left due to the inconsiderate way beginners were treated, having discovered that it wasn't like that at other dojos.

Now I know how to look after my wrists, and how to protect myself with ukemi. But then I'm no longer a 19 year old newbie and have trained at many other dojos since then..

How is your Sensei / dojo mates responding to your injury? If you're new / lower kyu grade, they should be giving you some help and advice. If not - start looking for a new dojo!

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