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Re: injury

Fritz Cane wrote:
i just suffered my first injury on the wrist after a very eager nage performed a nikkyo on my right hand. i am just wondering on how experienced guys felt after their very first injury. how it affected them physically and psychologically.
Hi, Fritz.
When you say injury, do you mean badly bruised, or do you mean you have a self-diagnosed injury, probably tendon, that needs RICE and time off, or do you mean you have been to the doctor and gotten a diagnosis and treatment? Because the scenario on all three is pretty different.
In brief, if it is an injury that hurts after a day, you should at least assume it is a soft tissue injury that will need 6 to 8 weeks to heal. You can resume training earlier, but need to avoid movement/strain to the wrist similar to the one that caused the injury, otherwise you run the risk of reinjuring and turning an acute injury into a chronic one.
The approach I find best is to stay philosophical--that is,unless the injury was the result of malice or deliberate non-attention to you, accept it as part of training, and accept that "eye-waza" and limited training are also valid forms of training until you are 100% better.
Best of luck.

Janet Rosen
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