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Chuck Clark wrote:
Who told you that samurai were raised to not feel pain or fear?

Possibly they were raised to understand pain and fear and do what was necessary anyway.

It's not the same thing.
Here's my two cents I agree with Chuck.

I believe that Samurai felt pain and fear even more than the average person, because they knew the reality of each more than the average person. Knowing they could be called upon to give their life at any moment undoubtedly heightened their awareness of pain and fear.
However, because they lived with it regularly, they probably could handle it better when they needed to "blank it out" to do what was necessary.
I have a calligraphic quote on the wall by my desk at work that I copied from one of Saotome Sensei's books It says "The samurai is the first to feel pain for the people, and the last to feel pleasure."

May the force be with you!
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