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taigi 19

akiy wrote:
tedehara wrote:
Ki Society style and some other styles do not practice any atemi (strikes) at all.
Really? What about taigi number 19?
-- Jun
Of course in some of the taigi, attacks are done by atemi (strikes) by the attacker (uke). In that sense, you could say everyone practices atemi. However, I think that the use of atemi in this discussion was for the defender (nage).

It's true that in many of the techniques, there are places where atemi can be used. However, the most recent instruction I've been hearing is that atemi is used as a distraction to prevent a counterstrike by the attacker or as a spacing device, to stretch out the attacker. It seems to me that the softer styles are almost disregarding atemi, in favor of concentrating on developing the lead.

Just my observation.

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