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Re: getting injured while training

Dear Bulent,

Bruise and sore are part and parcel of training. I get it most of the time. My sole is toughen up by thick callous because of the sliding movement aikidoka use in their movement. Aikido is still better than other contact martial art because the pain is, thank god, superficial and it does not have lasting injury, if done properly. The good side of it is, it toughen the body and makes our body less prone to injury.

I have done aikido for 9 years and I can tell you that, the normal reaction of our body when someone is applying an aikido technique is to resist and harden; don't. That will only make your injury worse. Relax and go with the flow. Practice your breakfalls to minimize ukemi injury. Once your breakfalls are good than you can take more advance/robust techniques and you progress in your learning.

The good thing about this is Aikido training pain is not permenant, it will go away.

Happy training Bulent,
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