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Dead getting injured while training

Last week, a guy came to me and asked if we could train together at the dojo. He is new at our dojo and has being practicing aikido for several years (I have been training about for one year). While training, he tried to perform the techniques with it's every detail and correctness. I felt a little pain when he was doing the techniques, and he let me to try the techniques on him in the same way. After the training I felt quite happy because the first time I felt the real power of the application of aikido. Until the day, we trained like "dancing" (6-5-4 Kyu aikidoka's does so)…In fact, when our sensei (or the other aikidoka's with higher Kyu than 3) showed me a technique, I felt the same power. Therefore, after the training I thought that "if we get higher Kyu degrees, the application of the techniques becomes more powerful" (certainly)…the problem is, my arm become bruised (after several yonkyo's), and there is a little wound on my foot (probably occurred while suwari waza)…I would like to know if it is normal? It is the first time that my arm becomes bruised after aikido training. Do you also get sometimes injured after trainings?
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