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Re: aikido and competition

Jorgen Matsi wrote:
Well as I have looked a bit now into information in the net about Jason Delucia I would ask can anyone say HOW does what he does in the ring differ from what the others do? Where is the Aikido / Five Animal Kung-Fu in that? His wins have come with RNCs / armbars/ kneebars etc. Isn't that BJJ?
jorgen,perhaps you should study as much archival information as you can and you will see.that the choke is as much a focal point as any other finishing technique ,even with mr.ueshiba.indeed there are photos and footage of mr. ueshiba using many goshin jutsu forms(probably taght him by mr.kano himself)including kata gatame(side choke)hadaka jime(good old rear choke)hanmi handati morote seoi nage(just a two hand judo throw)and knee strikes.not to mention the number of times you see him do a striking version of entering throw for combat.versus the soft form done for practice .mr.ueshiba was indeed the highest evolution of his day ,but in a scrape his aiki reduces to the same as anyones .what makes it more efficient,and more beautiful is this.the technique starts long before you meet the opponant.
for example in judo the premise of throwing is ,off balance ,enter,then aikido it is enter ,off balance ,then enter and throw.and regardless of the particular technique ,you must obey laws and principles.for example one law/principle that is a must to do aikido properly is sankaku irimi.but most teachers do not impart this wisdom easily because in aiki it is usually part of 'o' kuden .i personally learned sankaku irimi from kenpo master''bruce juchnick'' mr.ueshiba probably learned it in china''ba gua''.and here is a the forum he fought in there were swords and'ld be a fool to do a double leg take down to a man with a they didn't practice that way so me if mr.ueshiba did ufc instead of sumo(in sumo the match is done when one hand touches the mat)you'ld see him sprawling and doing sacrifice throws ect.the techniques are true guides ,but every technique is an aiki technique provided it is done in that vein ,yeild then redirect ,not just power through.
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