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Re: Questions on Starting a New Dojo

Important things to keep in mind.
* To set a new oImportant things to have in mind.

ˇ To set a new dojo is not an easy task, sometimes there will be 2 or 3 students at the beginning, don’t worry if this happens, keep going to class.
ˇ Don’t Don´t and Don’t loose contact with an Aikido Organization or your sensei and keep training. Maybe you can become a satellite dojo of your organization and it doesn’t means you have to do every thin in the same way it is in the main Dojo
ˇ Go gradually with the setting up you can start in a college group and latte you can rent a place, buy mats contract a secretary, etc. If you push the existence of the group to a finance result from fees maybe you will have some trouble at the beginning.
ˇ Go ahead make posters, go to your friends and tell them to help you in getting new students for you,.. Osensei is with you!!!
ˇ Tell us how is it going

César Martínez
Satori Dojo
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