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Jim23 wrote:
Just don't give me your recipe or opinion, as we only want to hear our own.
Personally, I think very few people on these forums think like that. Without sharing your opinion, how do expect to learn another related idea? Or even a reason your current thinking may be wrong.

mike brown wrote:I'm not sure why O-sensei did it so much; from everything I've read and heard he was temendously powerful and well-balanced even in his eighties. It doesn't seem like he' need atemi to complete his technique. I do because I'm kind of a wimp, in all honesty.
Well, coming from someone who is completely ignorant(myself) on the topic of atemi, I'd guess it was either because of his previous training, or because perhaps it gives a more perfect technique. As you point out, you use it because of a difference in strength and/or size, perhaps it helps these shortcomings to be overcome. I'm not saying that the size/strength difference makes techniques w/o atemi any less effective, but maybe it helps.


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