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George S. Ledyard
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Re: Aikido: The Path Beyond Thought

Bryan Bateman wrote:
Hi George,

You could try here

Let us know if you can get one.


Hi Bryan,
I was able to purchase the video with no problems. I have to say, I was very impressed. You don't get to see Seagal's straight Aikido much in his movies. He is quite good. If you look at his arms they are always quite relaxed and his speed is a result of that relaxation.

I was not at all offended by his tone with his students as someone was. I have at times chided my own students with much the same tone. I says "do that and you are dead". It wasn't personally humiliating or degrading, just emphatically letting the person know he needed to change what he was doing or die. Obviously the students at his dojo trained very hard in their day.

Thanks for the info on where to find it!

George S. Ledyard
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