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Re: aikido and competition

Jorgen Matsi wrote:
(Attempt to end a fight 4 times in a row with the same move? I'm not saying Royler IS stupid. I'm saying he made a mistake.)
I'm suggesting that a) it's easy to say someone made a mistake after the result is known and b) Genki Sudo is a top level opponent. Bottom line, if Royler got tap, you'd be singing a different tune....and if Royler never attempted the submission, you'd be claiming it was right there and anyone could have just submitted Sudo.

Royce was not a technical BJJ fighter. Just wasn't. He sure was/is a great fighter.
You'll forgive me if I again say you're wrong. Having rolled and trained with Royce and other top bjj'ers, I know, from experience that Royce is technical.

I'm done with this thread....


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