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Surprise Ikkyo and Ukemi musing

I was wrestling with a friend of mine yesterday (just friendly rowdiness) and at a certain point I was on bottom, on my side and my face flush against a wall. He had my top arm at wrist and just above the elbow, and he bent my elbow, turned it over, and went into a perfect ikkyo! Now he has no aikido training whatsoever (no wrestling either for that matter), but somehow it just presented itself to him and he did it.

It was getting pretty uncomfortable in my shoulder, and I used my arm and back muscles to extend my way out of it, as I was starting to see visions of my shoulder coming apart. Of course, I was able to take advantage of the fact that he didn't really want to hurt me, so he was laying off on it somewhat. But later I was thinking: I really had no way to turn away from it to take the pressure off. I was stuck against the wall and unable to roll. If he had decided to explosively drop all his weight against the joint it would have hurt .... a lot. Don't think it would have broken bone but I could see shoulder ligaments going sproing.

So I was able to gut it out, but only because he didn't really want to hurt me. That really brought home to me a point I've been reading about on this forum and aikido-l a lot, about what it really means to take ukemi, and about resistance. But now I am puzzled as to what the best, safest ukemi for that situation *would* have been.

Anyone have any ideas as to what I could have done in that situation?


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