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Re: aikido and competition

Jorgen Matsi wrote:
Post has gone totally offtopic BUT:
In Genki vs. Royler match Royler attempted the same submission with the same setup from the same position FOUR times in a row! If that is not a strategical stupidity then what is it?
An attempt to end the fight. It's easy for you and me (and everyone else on the planet) to armchair quarterback things now. Genki is a very dangerous opponent.

Royler was the best in MMA and Vale Tudo. Everyone says he is a great fighter but not a technical one.
Not sure who you're referring to.

Rickson is the best bjj'er on the planet, and that is universally acknowledged.

Royler is 3-2-1 according to Sherdog. That's not the record of the "best" MMA'er or even the "best" bjj'er in MMA. Royler is a newbie in MMA, no disrespect intended. However, Royler is extremely techical, as his Mundial wins and Abu Dhabi results show. To suggest otherwise is nuts.

Royce is 12-2-2, a much better record, IMO than Royler. Royce was a black belt when the UFC started. Royce may not be the best bjj'er on the planet, but to suggest he's not a black belt, at the time of the first UFC or now, is lunacy.

I'm starting to suspect you spend too much time reading and not enough time training. It's painfully obvious that you haven't trained with Royce, Royler, Rickson or Paulson.



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