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Re: aikido and competition

paul watt wrote:
I disagree. Genki is really, really good. He much better on the ground that most people give him credit for and his standup is better than Royler's.

Stop the hate. Royce is a bjj black belt. He may not be the "best" at MMA, vale tudo, or sport, but he definately has black belt level skills in all of those arenas.
Post has gone totally offtopic BUT:
In Genki vs. Royler match Royler attempted the same submission with the same setup from the same position FOUR times in a row! If that is not a strategical stupidity then what is it?

Royler was the best in MMA and Vale Tudo. Everyone says he is a great fighter but not a technical one. You do not have to be a bb level in BJJ to win in UFC. Royce wasn't. I was just saying that he is a great fighter but by far not one of the best in BJJ.
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