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Re: aikido and competition

Jorgen Matsi wrote:
I'm not saying ONE bad word about Royler... he was like... the bjj miracle of 90s...
But made really stupid strategical moves against Genki (who is only slightly heavier).
I disagree. Genki is really, really good. He much better on the ground that most people give him credit for and his standup is better than Royler's.

Quoting Mario Sperry "Royce did mistakes what even my bluebelts don't." Of course that is exaggerated but gets the point over. In pure BJJ Royce is a well-rounded purple. Maybe a brown by now.
Stop the hate. Royce is a bjj black belt. He may not be the "best" at MMA, vale tudo, or sport, but he definately has black belt level skills in all of those arenas.


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