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Re: aikido and competition

Jorgen Matsi wrote:
BUT I must say I'm waiting with exitment the day that someone goes into the ring claiming that he does Aikido. And if he succeeds then my highest respects go out to him. Yet... that day is yet to come.
Of all Jason's posts on various forums, his Bullshido posts probably speak most directly to your issue:

As for fighting and winning doing aikido, Jason lists himself as kung fu but tells anyone who'll listen how much aikido influences his style. And his record is 33 - 19 - 1 -- so he's no slouch, even if he did lose to Royce in the first two UFCs.

In the interview at the end of his Combat Aikido DVDs, Jason talks about successfully using irimi nage etc in fights. He also says aikido is really just riding your opponent's resistance, harmonizing with your opponent to solicit a response and steer it into a favorable position. That definition -- which I believe is a good one -- includes more than a set list of aiki techniques.
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