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Re: How many days a week ?

Tony Sapa wrote:
The thing about aikido is its a philosophical art.Therefore just like art in its purest form you cant not force it in the mind.I recommend 2*3 times a week to let the techniques absorb in and become one with it.If you train more than that yes you would probably have better ukemi and form but to advance is to let absorb in..
The internalization comes from large number of repetitions and time. Practicing less for sure is not the path to better Aikido.

However I agree - three times a week is pretty good especially if you train hard. Your body needs time to recover and your mind to rest. Two times a week is enough to maintain your level and advance slowly. More than three and the benefit decreases but it still improves.

My personal view is you find a schedule that keeps your enthusiasm up and every know and then partake in short (ie. three month) bursts of intense training. Shugyo if you will.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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