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Michael Neal
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Re: aikido and competition

Louis, I have a research project for you. Go to a Judo school and join in the class. Participate in the randori and ask a willing partner to allow you to use any "dangerous" Aikido technique you wish, even after many years of Aikidio practice you will likely find yourself slammed into the mat over and over again by Judoka with even a couple of months of experience.

Competition does have some limitations but not quite as many as semi cooperative Aikido practice.
Read this forum topic by following the link, it is about someone who has a blackbelt in TKD, I think with over 6 years of experience. He had the same type of arrogance you have about competition. I had no trouble throwing him at will and he was thrashed around badly last class by one of our brand new white belts with only 2 - 3 months experience. The TKD guy was also pretty strong and in good shape.

Nothing wrong with Aikido, I personally think it is a great finishing art for people who already have years of other self defense/martial arts skills. I would like to try it again when I get my blackbelt in Judo.

If people prefer not to do competitive martial arts that is perfectly fine but they really have no ground to stand on (no pun intended) when they start criticizing them for not being realistic enough.

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