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Re: purchasing a katana

Economical: for me, say $1000 would be the absolute maximum, more comfortable would be the price range the original post was about (300-600). Dulling a sword might be necessary I suppose; but after all they don't come out of the forge sharp, so is seems like it should be possible to find an unsharpened one?

Yes, aiki-ken, smacking alloy blades together. I hasten to add that this is not done cavalierly or routinely. You can see the very high level of focus on the faces of sensei and his partner when they do this, and it is only once in a great while (I've seen it twice in 5 years of training). And of course you are correct that the blade is not targeted, which is why in theory no hard contact is being made (and certainly no edge-to-edge contact).

As to why this should be done at all, sensei feels it's an important demonstration simply because real blades are different from wooden ones. For example, we get used to bokken bouncing off each other in kiriware or tsukikaeshi when in fact metal swords will tend to glide along each other (probably resulting in aiuchi if you were expecting them to bounce).

I haven't seen an alloy blade bent or broken, so I didn't know which was more likely. If the answer is 'bent' then maybe that's not so bad, though it would still suck if it was at all expensive.

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