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Re: Poll: Do you think your aikido teacher has stopped progressing in aikido?

  • does his evolving understanding of the art cause him to make changes in his technique.


  • Does the instructor regularly or peridiodically attend seminars as a participant?

    check--I don't know how regularly he attends. His work takes him out of country and I know he goes to other dojo when possible. I do know at our summer camp he was on the mat with the rest of us. He even took my about nerve wracking

  • Are there improvements in the instructor's teaching methodology or skill?


  • Does the instructor work on a self study program if isolated (reading, tapes, CDs, DVDs, etc.)?

    check--he's said he can't sleep on planes and so uses this time to read/watch dvd's on his laptop etc.

  • Does the instructor work to understand and explain the subtleties of the art

    double check

  • Does the instructor encourage students to study outside the dojo.


Ok, so we seem to be doing alright


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