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Jorge Garcia
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Re: Great Pics of Hiroshi Kato, 8th Dan

Mark Balogh wrote:
Brilliant pictures, it sounds like Kato Sensei is one of Aikido's hidden gems!
Most aikidoists think their Shihans are the greatest and are devoted to a fault. I plead guilty as well! Kato sensei is "everyman's aikidoist". Instead of being a famous uchideshi of the Founder, he was a "soto deshi" outside student who had a regular job all his life and just went to the daily practice at night like most of us do. He took the art seriously, trained on his own and went frequently into the mountains for self training, meditation, and misogi. He trained for 34 years before he ever had his own school but has continued to train as a student at Hombu dojo until this day.
Now, he is retired and teaches aikido full time at his school in Tokyo and here in the U.S. Here is the link to his Dojo in Japan if you are interested in seeing it.
Thanks for the nice comment.
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