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Re: My understanding (not necessary the right answer)

David Yap wrote:
Yes, it is about attack - the type of attacks that one intends in a competition. So, it has more to do with competitions that O Sensei detested later in his life. In this sense, I need not mention the name of the senior disciple who was "ex-communicated".
Maybe you should - because you'ld be wrong.

Nariyama Tetsuro Shihan wrote:
In spite of this, after Ueshiba's death, Tomiki Sensei was criticised for his actions by the leading members of Aikikai at that time. They demanded that he should stop using the name 'aikido'. I recall Tomiki Sensei's strong reaction, "I have got only one teacher and that is Ueshiba Sensei. Only he can excommunicate me".
When exactly did this ex-communication occur and what is your source for this information?

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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