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Re: Meaning of Aikido - A Test


My original feeling also and but I got to ask - which senior uchi-deshi was excommunicated?
Ron Tisdale wrote:
I think your post came off as a little strange...why should you wish to 'test' us? Perhaps if you give a better clue of what you are looking for.
Ron Tisdale wrote:
See 'Budo' and 'Budo Renshu' both purportedly by M. Ueshiba (who at least heavily influenced the text. Both contain photos and drawings of shite/nage/tori attacking to start the technique..
Anyhow - most of this comes from an interview that Ueshiba M. gave relatively late in life where he says the spiritual side is emphasized over the physical. Its pretty clear to me that he is not negating the three timings but says that Aikido has moved beyond it. Since at the highest levels you control uke there is no attack by either uke or nage.

Of course practically speaking we don't train at the highest levels so the three timings have their place.

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