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Re: purchasing a katana

I think the short answer would be no. But what do you mean by economical ? $1000-$2000 ? then it's possible but it's likely to be sharp
as it's going to be steel to meet your strength requirement but you could dull it. check bugei or a steel iaito from swordstore.

Sounds like you are saying they smack sharpened alloy blades together ?
The reason alloy blades don't come with an edge is that the metal is too soft to hold an edge. For the same reason, it's not hard to bend these
blades. Snapping an alloy blade seems unlikely given the soft metal.
I doubt they are making hard contact.

I think it's a bit silly to be doing aiki ken with alloy blades, myself.
Bokken/bokkuto is lethal enough to give a healthy respect.
Real kumitachi is brief and about targeting the other person not their blade.

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