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Re: Meaning of Aikido - A Test

David Yap wrote:
Hi all,

Just want to share your thoughts on this. Treat this as a test on your understanding of aikido. Hence, no links or reference to other websites please.

In the old old days, students who trained with O Sensei would normally have prior training/exposure in other MA disciplines: kendo, judo, jujitsu, karate and even sumo. One day a senior uchideshi had asked O Sensei where do the 3 concepts of go-no-sen, sen-no-sen and sen-sen-no-sen be applied in aikido. For this question, O Sensei chided the senior uchideshi for not knowing the meaning aikido despite training for long time.

Why was O Sensei angry?
Because he had a fight with his wife earlier in the day.
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