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Dario Rosati
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Re: Relationships on the mat. A good thing?

Troy Copes wrote:
No. I would be just another Aikidoka, but I would be higher ranked than her. I'm sorry, I should have clarified that.
My wife is an aikidoka, too.
No problems at all... but because our sensei simbly forbid us to take practice together on the mat... it's a simple rule of our dojo, couples don't train together
We attend the same class but we are not allowed to pair.

There are too many factors that place the train at risk; they are most subjective matter I think (for example, are you able to push the technique to the limit with a relative?), but I trust my sensei in this... If he says it's better not to train with wife/girlfriend, we won't.

Probably it's related with the "he instructor - she student" matter (and viceversa).
I've attended two seminars where two different sensei had a shodan wife along with them - and in both seminars the skills of both wives (who where sensei uke the whole time of the seminar) where highly questionable for a shodan... everybody noticed that, from rokukyu to other attending shodan.


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