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Re: Starting a new Dojo

Its been a while since I dragged this thread up, so what the heck, here is an update on things for anyone interested:

As I stated on the 9th of January, we got a lease at a place on a major thoroughfare in town with a decent (though high for us at the time) rent. It has been a lot of work and expense, but we finally have the space about 90% (hmm maybe more like 80%) finished out. We've now have 1,000 sq ft of mat space and a nice big sign on the road. Has it worked? far we are up to 17 adult members, and we just started a kids program about a month ago...nine kids so far. We didn't have a sign until 1 week ago, and things were a big mess in the space up until 3 weeks ago with the build out and all. Since we put the large sign out last week (and I do mean large.. 2 of them facing both sides of the road, each 4ftx8ft and 34ft up in the air on a post) we have gained 5 new members. Of the members who have joined since the beginning, we have only lost 1. We also lost one of our founding members, but that was because of a job offer out of state. BTW we started with only 8 members when we moved into this space. I would say since putting up the signs and finishing the space out, we get an average of 2 to 3 people per night walking in and checking us out. Our goal was to reach 20 members by the end of the year, looks like we will be surpassing that much sooner than we thought . I will be taking some new pictures soon and posting them on our website if anyone is interested.

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