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Thumbs down Re: Great Pics of Hiroshi Kato, 8th Dan

Craig Hocker wrote:
But actually I live in the Heights and have neices in the Woodlands.

Say hi to Michael for me. If possible, I will try to make it up there again
next time Andy Sato Sensei visits.

We have an iaido seminar coming up July 17 if anyone up there is interested. (note to self - mail flyres out soon)

cheers back
So you are closer. We have students from inside the loop. I will say hello to Black Sensei for you. We are in our second location in as many years now. Andy Sato will be here in October. Stephen Toyoda (the son) was just here for Memorial day weekend. He is looking well and has his Shodan now.
Lets get all get together. Suggest a time in June for it.

Best wishes

Jerry Miller
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