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David Yap
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Re: Poll: Do you think your aikido teacher has stopped progressing in aikido?

Ottoniel Ojeda wrote:
In my opinion , to answer such a question you would have to know your teacher's limits for a good enough time to asses wether he still at the same point or has moved forward..,snip>
This is a fact. Unless, one has trained and is apt in one martial art (not necessarily including aikido), one would not be able to judge the limitations of ones teacher. There is always a motivating factor in everyone of us to continue training in aikido, i.e. the passion for the art. Years ago, a place where we trained was being closed and the instructor was still looking for an alternate place for a new dojo. At the last day of the training there, he gave a speech that confirmed most of our (the students') feelings - between the lines he sort of admitted that he wasn't interested in teaching, he had no choice because he had made the decision of quitting his full-time job to become a full-time aikido teacher. Though he was good in teaching the children class, he just wasn't cut out for the adult class - we guessed it was the inferiority complex in him. While waiting for the new place, he gave us a choice of training with other instructors at other dojo. Somehow, those of us who chose to train with other instructors were given the cold shoulder by him when we happened to meet him - probably he felt we were disloyal to him.

Met him again in a recent seminar. My perception of him is still status quo as far as his personality and his demostration of the art of aikido is concerned. The jutsu is obvious but the "do" /the essence of the art is missing. The cold shoulder is still there despite the polite attempt to greet him.
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